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Willow Shields

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Pretty Preachers Club are back with single ‘Think About U’ a magical heartbreaking ballad after release of their debut single ‘Nothing Like You’ rewarding much acclaim. ‘Think About U’ is a concise track that grabs you by the heart and pulls you into their world and holds you close. The beauty and clarity in Hannah Berry and Martha McKay’s Vocals is otherworldly and is perfectly exhibited in this track. ‘Think About U’ is an ode to getting over someone and it gives me goose bumps on every listen.

With Pretty Preachers Club expertly pairing classical piano, fading synths and backing vocals sung by their friends, I think it can allow anyone to think back on past relationships that didn’t work out, or if not, it makes you feel like you’ve lost someone you love. The ethereal vocals contrast to the painfully relatable lyrics about someone you’ve been close to being obsessed with thinking you still feel the same “Think I’m looking right at you but I’m actually looking right past you.” This track is a show of what Pretty Preachers Club are capable of and a teaser of what’s to come in their debut EP, out on December the 11th.

Listen to ‘Think About U’ here:

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