By Kieran Webber

Creative polymath Scarlett Saunders is an old school artist. Kickstarting her days by painting on foraged wood, she then makes her way to acting school for a twelve hour stretch before going home and working late into the night by channeling her remaining creative energy into wonderfully poetic pop music. For Scarlett, all mediums of creativity reflexively bleed into her work. Music is one of several mediums open to her, all of which are tended and watered with equal dedication.

Her artistry and creativity flow through her music at a level of ease that most artists can only stare onward, jaw wide open in awe. Scarlett’s songwriting is simply beautiful in a way that words can not to justice, you have to experience her music for yourself.

You can have a taste of what Scarlett has to offer with her latest release ‘Circus’, taken from her forthcoming ‘Blue again’ EP.

Listen here:


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