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George Ward
George Ward

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School Disco release ‘Victory Day’, a sun-kissed 70s-inspired track and the final single from their upcoming third album

With their upcoming third album ‘Denton Rock’ set for release tomorrow and a CLUNK show booked for 28th September at the Cornish Bank, Falmouth, School Disco are killing the game.

The new single, ‘Victory Day’ is a psychedelic and winding cut that should fit snugly within the tracklist of ‘Denton Rock’.

The atmosphere created by the instrumentation is gorgeous. Reverbed guitars build up into a fuzzy storm cloud before dying down once again, allowing cleaner sounds to break through. The drum performance from Harry Heyes is invigorating, holding the band tightly together, no matter how chaotic the guitar solos become.

This chaos is wonderful to listen to and translates their raw live energy from the stage to the studio. They are a band to be seen live and this track is the perfect example of this. Like a ‘Doors’ track was unearthed in 2023, ‘Victory Day’ is a brilliant final single and should make you very excited for both the album and their upcoming gig.

‘Denton Rock’ is out tomorrow.

Catch School Disco at the Cornish Bank, Falmouth on 28th September, with Trip Westerns and TEG!

Listen to ‘Victory Day’ here:

For Fans Of: The Doors, CAN