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Hertfordshire’s second thoughts continue to showcase their exponential potential with stellar new single ‘somebody to talk about’

Few bands truly encapsulate a raw, youthful quality, without it feeling pastiche or overdone, and Hertfordshire quartet second thoughts are one of them. The group first appeared with 2019 debut single ‘wonderhow’, and since have built an impressive social media following as well as a handful of releases over the past few years. Now, ahead of upcoming EP second thoughts have released new single ‘somebody to talk about’.

‘somebody to talk about’ has the quartet playing to their strengths. The cut is nostalgic and breezy, three minutes of summery indie pop-rock. Youthful exuberance is the play, this new single feeling like four friends soundtracking their own coming-of-age cinematic masterpiece. ‘somebody to talk about’ references a range of styles, from 2000’s UK indie to 90’s alt rock, with its driving, broken-up acoustic guitar and infectious guitar motifs. The chorus hook is a straight-up earworm, already prepped and ready to be belted by audiences during the summer festival circuit.

second thoughts are a band that are simply having fun, their music moments emblazoned with sunshine and slick instrumentation. The pair of singles they’ve released so far ahead of their upcoming EP are both nothing short of brilliant, and second thoughts are for sure a band that will make leaps and bounds within the indie scene in the coming years. 

Listen to ‘somebody to talk about’ here: