Photography by Rory Dunn

Issy Packer

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London band Slaney Bay have dropped a brand new single alongside the announcement of their new EP, set to be released this September

The alt-indie track features Cait Whitley‘s vocals permeating the entire track. Throughout, her vocals are soft and atmospheric but as the track progresses, Whitley’s backing vocals become persistent and bellowing, cementing the track in the rock genre.

Whitley’s vocals are layered over edgy guitar riffs creating a tense atmosphere. The song is imagined to take place in an airport as it tells the story of a love interest moving away – will you confess your feelings before they move to the Eastern Time Zone?

This feeling of time running out is mirrored in the tempo of the track as it gets slowly faster throughout. ‘EST‘ offers a change in pace from the trio’s previously released track ‘Move On‘ which is dominated by heavy guitar sounds and persistent drum melodies.

Watch/Listen to ‘EST‘:

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