By Laura Turnbull

Falmouth-based Sombre supplies ‘mystical pub music’, three words that bring a little tear to our eye right now. It seems a long time since pints and crackly PA shared the same space. Soggy carpets and half-drunk serenades come back soon, we miss you. Luckily Sombre has the soundtrack to keep our nostalgia topped up ’til bands playing in the cramped corner of a bar are a thing again.

This week the wonky pop outfit shared the first two tracks from upcoming album ‘Wellness’. Recalling the jangly, lop-sided sound of a Micachu & The Shapes single, ‘Shaky’ is a dip into the magic of just-another-day mundane. ‘It finally comes to me in a flash by the light of the Barclays cash machines’, goes the pre-chorus. It’s the kind of humdrum, unheroic revelation that speaks so well to millennial dismay. The swoony notes of ‘Grumpy Guts’ are the perfect chaser, playful and gloomy coming together in one glowing parcel. If the weird and wistful lines of John Berryman got whizzed up in a soft-pop smoothie machine they’d probably sound something like Sombre.

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