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With groovy guitar licks and mysterious vocals slowly, but surely making any listener bob along to the new track, it’s clear to see why Sugar Candy Mountain are ones to watch

Electric Wind’ is the new single and it comes with a reputation. A reputation that it and the duo themselves are what would happen if Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips. You know, as you do.

Psychedelic pop is the name of the game when it comes to Sugar Candy Mountain and the laid-back mentality throughout their music is one to admire. The Californian duo came alive in the 2010’s that have ranged from genre to genre. From lo-fi feels to vibrant pop, they have it all. However, in this new track, it focuses on something of a love child for the band. They’ve been able to combine their love of each genre they’ve covered and ‘Electric Wind’ was born.

As the synths are combined with that 70’s influence, it goes to show that there is more than meets the eye with Sugar Candy Mountain. This is a track that is all about escapism in this writer’s opinion. It takes you to a whole new world where the subject focuses on running away and wanting the nice things in life while running away from the pain of life. 

The 70’s influence throughout the track truly takes any listener’s breath away and when the lyric ‘I’ve been down this road a thousand times’ is sung, it takes you to some painful moments where maybe you’ve been stabbed in the back and need to reflect upon it. This writer truly felt like he had been transported to another time and was in a movie, which is why this is a special track and a special duo. That is what music is all about – escapism can be your best friend at times and ‘Electric Wind’ does just that.