By Kieran Webber

Formed with a mutual appreciation for similar music, Maddy Jones (vocals), Mark Docherty (vocals/guitar), Tariq Khawaja (guitar), Adam Passingham (bass) and Luis Bezzi (drums) forged Team New Band in 2013. Team New Band, often abbreviated to TNB ventured into the world of music after relocating to Brighton from various parts of the country. Early singles were released that suggested a sincere love for American alt-rock and blues – an assortment of The Pixies, The B52’s and The Dead Weather formed the basis of their roots, providing the blueprint for 2015’s Finally’ EP.

The sound that they create is reminiscent of The Smashing Pumpkins, Pulp and even a hint of Weezer, It is geek rock for the masses. Their latest single ‘Freaks’ comes as a compelling one that has itself rooted firmly in punk, with nods to the early alternative rock scene. A blast to the past whilst remaining very fresh.

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