New Music | THANKS – Dizzy

By Kieran Webber

‘Dizzy’ is the debut single from THANKS a new duo consisting of Anders & Anders, set to be released via Copenhagen Records. In order to construct this first single – the production duo set up four simple studios, and over the course of two days various people worked together in different sessions – lasting no more than two hours, before swapping teams to create as many musical ideas as possible.

Once they’d created their own record pool to sample from, Anders & Anders set about picking their favourite bits and fitting them all together as a giant musical puzzle/original mashup.

It’s a hugely ambitious and exciting first offering – drawing inspiration from house, funk, and soul.

‘Dizzy’ is an eccentric mash up of funk, groove and electronic that could put artists such as Basement Jaxx to shame, it is a relentless tirade of beats that will have you jiggling and jiving around.

Listen here: