The Franklys release new single ‘Before You Hit The Ground’ and announce sophomore album ‘Dogma’

After reimagining their sound into something darker than we have previously heard from them, garage rock group The Franklys are back on the scene, ready to roll out their sophomore album ‘Dogma’.

The album’s lead single, ‘Before You Hit The Ground’, is a sign of what’s to come from this new era; packed with fuzzy guitar riffs and powerful lead vocals, it is sure to please the ears of fans of the rock genre from many different corners.

The track begins how it means to go on, with an explosion of catchy guitars and drums from the get go – unlike some songs, ‘Before You Hit The Ground’ doesn’t waste any time in getting started, and instantly reaches full throttle.

The chorus of the track is incredibly catchy, with impressive vocals that soar above the instrumentation without getting drowned out or getting overpowered – an impressive feat, with an instrumental as powerful as this one.

Instead, the unique and catchy riffs, which are a highlight of the track, compliment the vocals perfectly. They get a moment to shine in their own right in the bridge of the track, a powerful guitar solo that takes the track to another level.

This venture into new territory is a welcome change for the band, who manage to maintain the traditional flair that already made them stand out, whilst experimenting and expanding their sound into something new.

This release is sure to build excitement for what the rest of ‘Dogma’ will sound like when it is unveiled on 17th February 2023.

Listen to ‘Before You Hit The Ground’ here: