Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Lua Ribeira Loui 

Last month post-punk wizards, Southend-on-Sea natives and serial sandcastle-smashers The Horrors announced new music in the making. A reworking of their 2017 album ‘V’, this Frankenstein release enlists the help of a team of electronic masterminds to go full Mad Scientist on the set of unsuspecting singles. The likes of HAAi, Manni Dee and Gabe Gurnsey all donned the lab jackets and got involved. The result? A sonic beast of sub-bass shuddering proportions. The Horrors handy serving suggestion? “Enjoyed best loud.” Got it. 

Out now via Caroline International

The first track to get the makeover is ‘Machine’, and who better to set the precedent than Bristol noise duo Giant Swan. Born out of psych-rock outfit The Naturals, Harry Wright and Robin Stewart broke away from the pack and began destroying guitar pedals, drum machines and Stewart’s demonic vocal chords to deliver their take on techno as Giant Swan. Untamed, unpretentious and just the best fucking fun, we’d happily have our eardrums blasted by this duo ’til the deafening ever-after.

Do you like a bass drop? Does four-on-the-floor make everything feel better? Is your brainspace in desperate need of some doomy, pounding eurphoria? Giant Swan got ya. Their remix of ‘Machine’ is what a pack of power tools sound like when they’re left unattended in the factory. Toy Story just got scary.

Treat your ears:

Want more of this tech-noise mayhem? Find Giant Swan over here:




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