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York five-piece The Palava bring euphoric feelings in their new single and will have you head-banging to their indie sound

The beauty of the Northern music scene is that it brings out the best in people. York may not have been known for having bands that create banger after banger, but The Palava are changing the narrative around that.

The new offering from The Palava shows off the feelings of fast-paced life and how relationships can crumble. ‘Useless’ is an indie rock emotional rollercoaster that brings out the good times for listeners.

The new track not only has high-quality production, with inspiration from all kinds of modern rock, but it has something to admire. That thing to admire is that these are just five lads from North Yorkshire who haven’t stopped playing since they were teenagers and have no plans to stop any time soon.

‘Useless’ is here to bring the masses to The Palava‘s bold, beautiful and honest way of songwriting, producing and more.

With a loyal fan base and the world around them loving the music, The Palava, are to keep making the indie summer tunes that we all love.