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New Zealand folk band Tiny Ruins drop gorgeous final single ahead of their upcoming fourth album, ‘Ceremony’, out this Friday

Tiny Ruins have been kicking about the indie-folk scene for several years now. They are known for their delicate melodies, intimate fingerpicking guitars and poetic lyrics. Now, they are preparing to release their follow up to 2019’s ‘Olympic Girls’, ‘Ceremony’ which is out this Friday. 

‘Out Of Phase’ is the final of four teasers for the album and contains every element that Tiny Ruins excel at. The first inspiration that comes to mind is Nick Drake and for a band to come even close to achieving the calm of his sound is a compliment in itself. 

Hollie Fulbrook’s vocals are beautiful. She delivers her lyrics with both sincerity and fragility, entrancing you entirely as you listen. These lyrics are characteristically well thought out, flowing together in a stream of poetry. 

Accompanying these delicate vocals is a collection of gorgeous instrumentation. The fingerpicked guitar effortlessly cruises through a lovely chord progression, always keeping the pace moving comfortably. The drums are minimal but necessary and the strings bring an added texture and warmth to the track. 

New album ‘Ceremony’ is out on Friday 28th April via Marathon Artists.

Listen to ‘Out Of Phase’ here: 

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