Photography by Jord Mercer

Issy Packer

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Taken from their debut album which is set to be released this July, Leeds band Treeboy & Arc have released their newest track, ‘Behind the Curtain’

The five piece have ventured into unchartered territory with a darker and more brutal track. Lead vocalist, Ben Morgan, offers a cynical look at the world through the embittered and nihilistic lyrics that are at the forefront of the track.

However, it is the ferocious backing that is what makes this track so enthralling. The melody works its way up and up, building into a vehement crescendo that match the lyrics in their intensity.

The theme of illness and the looming sense of death permeates the track, not only through the lyrics but through the increase in tempo and vocals which become overwrought and panicky, mirroring the feelings of those listening.

The five piece band’s debut album Natural Habitat‘ is out on 1st July via Clue Records.

Watch/Listen to ‘Behind the Curtain‘: