Photography by Marieke Macklon

Tash Saunders

Tash is a music-lover based in London. She is particularly passionate about fresh new bands, chaotic live shows, and crowd-surfing. When not at a gig, she can be most often found writing about them.

Liverpool artist Trout creates their own kind of indie-rock laden landscape on new single, ‘Gutter

Gutter’ tackles big themes with the intimacy of a conversation. Symphonic vocals are layered over a gloomy, harmonic central riff – the satisfying kind of stuff you listen to, alone, 15, in your room, pretending you were someone else.

The track is defiant, with lyrics written about a close friend who refused to believe that depression was not something one chooses – ‘you’re sure I’m wrong’, sings Trout, ‘but it’s nothing I asked for’.  This self-defining nature makes the track entirely unique; along with Trout’s particular mix of dark electronic feel with classic, indie-guitar grunge, this makes for something special.

It’s angsty, yet the track retains an indie kind of suave; no doubt helped along by the video in which an unassuming Trout sings whilst staring directly into your soul. The subject matter – here, summed up simply as depression – is elicited by Trout wrapping herself in a duvet.

Snug, but hurting, it’s an act of vulnerable exposition. Frequent underwater imagery creates a claustrophobic aura, and you’re unsettled – the woozy, distorted visuals providing no help. This is Trout’s world, and we’re just visiting.

Watch/Listen to ‘Gutter’ here:

Catch Trout at the following:

YES, Manchester (w/ Wednesday) – 5th June

Now Wave, Hot Take, Manchester – 17th June

YES, Manchester (w/ Mega Bog) – 14th August

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