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Wallice returns with beautiful new single and music video for latest track ‘Japan’

Following the release of her ’90s American Superstar’ EP on Dirty Hit earlier this year, Wallice is rounding off the year with her new single ‘Japan’, coupled with a beautifully filmed video shot on Super8 film in Japan.

We’re used to more of an alt-pop, grungy sound from Wallice, but the gentle guitar intro and her airy vocals in the beginning, suggest that she is ready to show a more vulnerable and sentimental side of her.

Her delicate vocals have an echoey ethereal feel that is occasionally accompanied by soothing harmonies, almost as though Wallace is trying to comfort herself in the song, a heart-warming touch.

Wallice says on the track, “My father was born and raised in Tokyo and lived there until he was 27, and my mother lived there for a couple years in the 90s, so Japanese culture has heavily influenced my identity. I don’t know my father’s family in Japan at all. I’ve only met them once when I was little at my grandfather’s funeral, and since then my grandmother has passed. Recently my mother moved across the country from California to Georgia which has left me without that familial sense of home. This song explores where home is and why I am so drawn to Japan.”

The song climaxes with an amalgamation of heart-plucking strings and raw powerful vocals that transcend you to the part inside of you longing to belong, a track perfect for those who feel a little lost in the world and need to hear the voice of someone who understands first-hand what it’s like to explore that sense of finding home. This melancholy tune makes you feel connected to Wallice in a way she has not allowed so we’re incredibly lucky to be gifted such a beautiful piece.

Wallice has also released a version of the song in Japanese to really solidify her ties to Japan and is a perfect way of showing how the culture has influenced her in her life and in her music.

Listen/ watch ‘Japan’ here: