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James Mellen
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Manchester punks YAANG return with the blinding ‘Too Much Money’, their first single of 2023 and a worthy addition to their small discography

Formed in 2017 after an encounter at the University of Salford, YAANG swiftly cut their teeth in the Northern musical landscape, carving and refining a unique yet quintessentially Manchester sound. Previous material like ‘White Socks Yellow’ toyed with the nineties Madchester sound, with YAANG delivering their own take on the danceable-punk sound so beloved throughout the decades.

Now, YAANG have returned with their first glimpse of new material since early 2022, with the blistering ‘Too Much Money’. Packed with punk rock energy and collated by frontman Davey Moore’s relentless charm, ‘Too Much Money’ is a fast-paced track; club beats crash head-on into crunchy guitars.

A delightfully chaotic marriage of Talking Heads, Primal Scream and some angsty seventies punk, YAANG are continuing to slowly but surely break onto the scene. Despite a scarce discography, the trio makes up for it with quality.

Listen to ‘Too Much Money’ here: