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George Ward

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Producer Nigel Godrich returns with a new series of ‘From The Basement’, with IDLES as the debut performance. 

Legendary music series ‘From The Basement’ returns for a new series, helmed by equally legendary producer Nigel Godrich. Godrich, known for his production on all Radiohead albums since OK Computer, will be producing all episodes. 

This series will see IDLES starting things off, with Sons Of Kemet, Warpaint, Caribou, Squid and Nilüfer Yanya performing between June and October on their YouTube channel.

As IDLES frontman Joe Talbot says, “there’s a sense of mythology” behind ‘From The Basement’ and it’s reputation is well known amongst music fans, due to the intimate performances, lack of host and fantastic sound engineering. Previous sets from bands such as Radiohead and Jack White have gone down as some of the best live performances ever recorded and we can expect more of the same quality from Godrich and his partners James Chads and John Woollcombe.

These new episodes are sponsored by WeTransfer and Sonos Radio, with each band recording an extra exclusive song for WePresent and audio versions of the performances available exclusively on Sonos Radio. 

The unique quality of ‘From The Basement’ is summed up by Godrich: “no audience or presenter.. just a direct connection with the viewer and a chance for us to take some time to do something special in a controlled environment.

Watch the new series of ‘From The Basement’ on their YouTube channel, with IDLES’ performance dropping on 1st June and the other artists appearing between June and October.