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Punk rock two-piece Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes drop their new single ‘Man of the Hour’ ahead of their fifth album

The daring duo of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes are entering a new era with their album ‘Dark Rainbow’, as they release the lead single ‘Man of the Hour’ and it is unlike anything we’ve heard from the band before…

With its crooning alternative sound and southern gothic nature, that could be compared to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, it is clear that this fresh chapter is an introspective one of well-earnt wisdom. 

This track is a buffet of electronic sounds, in contrast to the rather melancholy lyrics, as frontman Frank Carter clearly wears his heart on his sleeve when writing about his lived experience of rock stardom.

Lyrically, there is both ache and triumph with an energy of critique –  of himself and his relationships. The chorus rings “you only want the rock star, porn star, man of the hour”, showing the crippling conflict between the famous him and the real him, as though the man behind the microphone, off stage, isn’t quite enough.

Elaborating on ‘Man of the Hour’ he said: “I’m just witnessing the world change so quickly and I’m still trying to come to terms with who I am and what the authentic version of me is. By giving people what I thought they wanted I think I got further and further away from who I actually am.”

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