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Norwegian R&B singer Beharie announces his debut album, out on 20th October, with summery new track ‘Deadly’

Beharie announces his debut album ‘Are You There, Boy?’, due out October 20th via V2 Records. Including 12 tracks, all featuring his incredibly smooth vocals, the backdrop of this album is built on human connection with themes including love, pain, and doubt.

It includes collaborations with Uly and Judy Blank. While Uly plays with lo-fi soul, Blank is more folk driven, both resembling Beharie’s genre fluid tendencies and warming vocals.

Beharie utilises a blissful mix of groove, smooth soul, and unpredictable folk influences. Listening to Beharie you can hear the bruised soul of Michael Kiwanuka, undercurrents of alluring modern jazz from artists like Tom Misch, and the soulful R&B of Sir. There are even moments in Beharie’s music, in tracks like ‘Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?’ and ‘Oh My God’, that are unashamedly melancholy.

His new single Deadly, however, is gritty and summery: a foot stamper if you will. It feels at home blaring in the car, on the beach, on a Saturday night or a Monday morning. Deadly feels less like a product of folk influences, leaning further towards R&B. Whether this is Beharie coming into his own, or simply mixing it up, we are all here for it.

Despite the understated groove of Deadly, it is driven by poetic lyricism with emotionally fueled vocals. He describes a feeling most of us have felt: the overwhelming excitement of falling for someone.

Beharie says, “This album conveys stories of a complex character. He is confident, emotional, insecure, curious, loving, and looking for connections. He is searching for both someone and himself. Longing for true connections with the world and with himself. He is confident, playful and daring, but also insecure and not always fully present.” 

‘Are You There, Boy?’ is out on 20th October via V2 Records.

Listen to ‘Deadly’ here: