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LA-Based singer-songwriter Charli Adams announces her brand new EP with emotional single ‘cry over everything’

Following on from debut EP ‘Good At Being Young’ and debut LP ‘Bullseye’, Charli Adams is back with news of a brand new EP, ‘Nothing To Be Scared Of’, due out on 30th August.

Adams’ music was born from her childhood in the deep south, witnessing relationship issues and trying to keep the peace. On the new single, she says: “I‘ve always been a big feeler, and throughout my entire life I’ve been referred to as sensitive but I found myself in a career that fosters that and not only allows me the freedom of sensitivity but encourages it. This song is about embracing that part of yourself and recognizing its beauty and its essential role in the healing process.”

The track succeeds completely at conveying this. Throughout, Adams vocal performance is fragile and endearing, which, when paired with the emotional indie instrumental, crafts a beautiful world. You might be reminded of Soccer Mommy in the heavier choruses and this makes sense when you learn of Adams interest in the band while living in Nashville.

At the end of the day, ‘cry over everything’ is simply a very well written song. It feels complete, with satisfying verses, chorus and bridge, all led by Adamsexpert storytelling. The song is sad, yes, but also powerful, recognising the benefits and necessity of sensitivity.

EP ‘Nothing To Be Scared Of’ is out on 30th August via Project C.

Listen to ‘cry over everything’ here: