By Kieran Webber

2015 was a difficult year for HECK. Having cemented their reputation as Baby Godzilla since 2012, with a deserved notoriety due to their limb flailing out of control shows.

Out of nowhere came the news that the Japanese cinema giant were legally forcing them to change their name. Whilst this caused no end of grief for the Nottingham based chaos-quartet, delaying the release of their much anticipated debut album, it has not hindered them.

October of this year saw the release of ‘The Breakers’ single, the first new music under the new handle. A complete ear assault with monstrous riffs and wild-eyed energy.

The name may have changed but the mission is still the same and 2016 could be HECK’s year.

2016 sees the band hitting the road to go on tour in March as well as the release of their debut album, guitarist Jonny Hall explains  “Bigger, brasher, louder than ever, everything gets stepped up. New songs, new setup, new danger.”





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