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Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Courtesy of Prescription PR

How’s everyone sleeping now that Boris has untangled himself from the bungee ropes and bounced straight into Number 10’s big comfy bed? We sense disturbed dreams and dystopian night visions ahead, and we’re not the only ones. Joe Talbot turns raging insomniac for IDLES’ latest music drop. This week the Bristol band shared new single ‘I Dream Guillotine‘, the snarling B-side to ‘Mercedes Marxist‘, and it’s a punk lullaby to keep you angry and awake. Dark, jagged guitar rips and guts-out shouts. This is exactly how we like our music: frothing at the mouth. 

Listen to ‘I Dream Guillotine‘:

As well as unveiling this belter of a B-side, IDLES also revealed a new music video for ‘Mercedes Marxist’, and we’re pretty sure the lead-role bashing his skull off the office desk is Mark Corrigan. Mmm, warm copies make everything better. (In fact, it’s actor Kris Hitchen, and the video is directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace of 32). 

Give your eyes something good:

This month IDLES found themselves in the Mercury Prize shortlist for their 2018 triumph ‘Joy As An Act of Resistance‘ and in December they’ll be hitting the road for a sold-out string of UK shows, storming Alexandra Palace in London with their biggest headline performance to date, just to top it all off.

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