By Bobby McCarty

Every now and then a band comes along and makes music so good it is almost unmarketable, Vulfpeck are one of these bands. Sometimes pure minimal funk, sometimes motion-picture grade lounge music, but always unquantifiably cool – Vulf have been quietly and consistently making great music in a niche all of their own for years and gathering a bit of a cult following as they went.

These are the same guys who were known for releasing a silent album on Spotify and asking their fans to play it on repeat, locating their fans and funding a tour in the process. However, the hipsters who idolise Vulfpeck for their unique style and aesthetic are unfortunately really onto something here, their non-silent releases are just objectively good. Theres no two ways about it, these are young, highly accomplished musicians who love what they do, and it shows.

The new album ‘Mr. Finish Line’ was released 7th November but the benevolent gods of minimalism posted the full album on youtube today for those of us who don’t use streaming services. Listen to the new album courtesy of the Vulf youtube channel, dip into the latest understated masterpiece from the modest Midwesterners and decide for yourself.

Listen to ‘Mr. Finish Line’ here:


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