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Alannah Williams
Alannah Williams

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Night Shop, the solo-project of folk-rock powerhouse Justin Sullivan has recently announced the upcoming release of their sophomore record ‘Forever Night’. Offering up the title track to amp up excitement for the impending music drop, Night Shop utilise attitude-filled riffs to captivate and delight.

After taking a break from the music scene to self-nurture and recover, Sullivan is back in full force and we’re all the better for it. Based in Los Angeles, California, the drummer turned singer-songwriter describes his discography as ‘songs from the cafe of eternal youth.’

Featuring an amalgamation of intoxicating instrumentation spearheaded by infectious folk-rock hooks, new cut ‘Forever Night’ encapsulates the optimism and euphoria of a live performance – an element that we’ve all been missing of late. Sullivan’s hypnotic vocals shine atop gritty guitar lines and insistent bass roars in one of the most well-produced tracks to come out of 2021. ‘Forever Night’ is the perfect introductory track for new fans to sink their teeth into.

listen/watch ‘Forever Night’ here:

‘Forever Night’ is set for release Feb 11th 2022 (Preorder)

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