By Lexi Goodland

Undoubtedly, the most interesting thing about indie rock duo Nightseason, is how they managed to whack out a cracking five track EP – featuring the song ‘Wear The Treads Off’ – without actually ever meeting in person. Drummer-turned-producer, Patrick Zeinali, trolled Spotify looking for fresh, electrifying lead vocals to feature in his new project. Say hello to Jordan Caiola (Mo Lowda and The Humble) who now makes up the other half of Nightseason.

Their debut EP ‘Coasts’ (which was written exclusively over email!!) explores themes of love and recent break ups in an alt rock meets ambient pop soundscape, somewhere in the realm of artists like Sir Sly and Alt-J. The semi-stripped fourth track, ‘Wear The Treads Off’, delivers a moody and electric slow-tempo vibe, a sound embedded in the band’s production. The song is a candid and emotional expression of someone inevitably giving up on love, a theme which is made clear in the opening verse with the hard-hitting line “I don’t believe in love anymore.”

Nightseason elaborates: “The first verse was never written down, it was just the first thing that came out of my mouth when I went to sing some melodies over the instrumental I already had. For whatever reason those were the words that my mind formed and I never wanted to change them because they felt so unconsciously genuine.”

Listen to ‘Wear The Treads Off’ here:



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