By Kieran Webber

The Liverpool based band Nikki & The Waves create music that belongs in the dream realm. It’s soft, cushiony and extremely easy listening.

Their latest single ‘Shirts’ is a shining example of the bands, lo-fi bedroom indie pop sound. It’s a terminally chill release that contains swaying vocals and jangly guitars. The bands strength really comes from the ability to simplify their sound to the listener. There are lots of elements on offer but all of them are easy to digest. You get a real sense of fun and an uplifting sensation from their music.

Speaking on the new single Nikki explains that “‘Shirts’ was written last summer.” Continuing, “I had just moved into a new house – soon it turned into a song about the transitional periods in your life where you feel like you keep going in circles before you enter a new phase. It definitely feels like we have started defining our own style as a band with this song.”

Listen to ‘Shirts’ here:

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