Healthcare Expert Predicts No Return Of Festivals or Concerts Till 2021

Words & Header Image By Kieran Webber

The Coronavirus hit the music, hospitality and entertainment industry first and hardest when lockdowns and social distancing measures were put into effect nearly a month ago. A lot of festivals and tours have canceled but some remain resilient and have rescheduled to later in the year. It’s pretty grim news but it’s looking likely that we may not see a return of festivals, concerts or any large gathering for a year at the minimum, according to to an American healthcare expert.

In a recent roundtable discussion, hosted and transcribed by the New York Times, bioethicist and professor of healthcare management Zeke Emanuel says he has “no idea” how promoters that are rescheduling arts and music events for later this year “think that’s a plausible possibility”.

He continues “Larger gatherings – conferences, concerts, sporting events – when people say they’re going to reschedule this conference or graduation event for October 2020, I have no idea how they think that’s a plausible possibility. I think those things will be the last to return. “Realistically we’re talking fall 2021 at the earliest.” – Source NME.

However, the information we have at hand from Governments is different, they seem very eager to get the country back up and running for the sake of the economy. But this could put people in severe risk to catching the virus if it is still present. There may be a time that we will have to decide what matters more, the economy and sinking tinnies whilst listening to music or our collective health. It’s a very confusing time with lots of information and talk yet not much appears to have been done. Where are the 100,000 tests? What is the Government’s end of lockdown plan? What industries will receive bailouts and what workers are getting furlough? Will we even have the money for events after the crisis? The truth is they don’t know and nor do we.

One thing that is clear is that before we move forward mass testing is essential and each industry will have to be relaxed one at a time. Unfortunately concerts and festivals may have to be the last.

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