Let’s set the scene. It’s freedom day, you’re finally out with those friends you haven’t seen for donkey’s years and you can pick one song to soundtrack your night of chaos and excitement. What do you put on? Young And Dumb’ by NOISY.

NOISY are three-piece singer Cody, guitarist Connor and producer Spencer, and together they make thrilling cuts doused in punk-rock attitude and catchy guitar riffs. For fans of Slaves and Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes – they’re the voice of the new generation.

Talking to us about their new track, they stated “It was quite an instant song to be honest. We collaborated with a friend of ours called NVDES on the beat and it quickly felt so exciting. We all actually had covid around the time the track came about so most of the work was done on zoom. Lyrically, it was a topic that we hadn’t really touched on before but felt like it suited the vibe of the song down to a T.

An anthem for lost time and misspent youth, the video for the track follows the story of a gentleman waiting for liberation, a few beers and left-handed cigarettes later and we find ourselves in the noisiest of raves. The moral of the story? Free your inhibitions.

If you haven’t yet delved into the world of the three NOISY now’s your time.

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