By Kieran Webber

The garage-punk outfit from South-East London consisting of Sam Gillbanks and Emil Lloyd was born out of roguery. The two would sneak into a backroom at the pub they worked at and rehearse. The rehearsal space was named ‘The Moon Saloon’, which is also the title of the upcoming debut EP.

Running hot off the heels of their previous release ‘Baggy Ankles’ the band share ‘Lemo//Memo’. A jouncing release that is full 60’s psych sensibilities. Rambling guitars pulsate whilst an array of keys make battle in the backdrop. It’s hard to imagine this sound being harnessed in a city such as London, it’s more suited to the California deserts.

Normal Average People invite you to chew tobacco, kick dust and swing your hips with this release. Something that is wildly inviting thanks to their off kilter sound.

Listen to ‘Lemo//Memo’ here:

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