By Kieran Webber

2020 is cancelled, to some respect at least. Festivals are a no go and a fun filled summer hanging out in beer gardens is but a distant memory. It’s all a bit bleak but artists such as Novelty Island are offering a moments distraction.

Their latest single ‘The Desperately Strange’ and accompanying video invites you on the greatest pub crawl ever. It’s a green screen adventure that takes us to your favorite tv boozer. As Tom explains “As all of the pubs are closed for the foreseeable, I wrote my own one. It’s inspired by my favourite haunts and the characters you find in them.”

The track itself is a glistening bout of Beatles-esque psychedlia. It’s driven forward by chiming organs and harmonious vocals. The reminiscent sound is one of wonder. A whimsical number that offers escapism during surreal times.

Listen to ‘The Desperately Strange’ here:

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