The mysterious outfit NRVS has returned with their latest cut ‘I Like You’, a droning if not somewhat monotonous release that is reflective of its meaning. The track explores the hive mind of humanity, the rat race to an extent. Wake up, go to work, chat shit, get drunk, go home, sleep, repeat. It’s a cycle that humanity is caught in and one that most can’t see before there very eyes. NVRS, an anonymous group, to which I am convinced might be AI captures the above feelings and emotions in their latest single ‘I Like You’, which is driven forward by a droning bassline that creates an almost machine feel to the track. In addition to this their is an of kilter vibe that comes from the occasional jagged edged guitar or sharp strike of the saxophone, it’s a slightly on edge experience but one that consistently pulls you in.

‘I Like You’ is taken from the bands forthcoming titled EP, that is set for release this Autumn, expect the band to shine a light on the world’s hypocrisies, whilst bringing a tongue-in-cheek delivery.

In addition to the single release the band have also teamed up with visual artist and director Grain Freeze, who has worked with Attawalpa, Dinosaur Pile Up, and more) to create a sci-fi themed video that has an astronaut lost in space observing the weird planet of Talos 5. Speaking on the video Grain Freeze’s Ralph Fuller says: “Initially the video was a response to the song’s lyrical content, where we tried to work in the narrative of two potential lovers talking to each other via smart phones but it ended up morphing into something involving mycelium, alien life & the end of the world!”

Listen/watch ‘I Like You’ here:

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