by Julia_Steinigeweg

The duo that consists of Numbers Don’t Count grew up kilometers away from each other in the countryside of North-West Germany, although had no idea of each other’s existence until later on in life. It wasn’t until 2017 that the two would meet and it wouldn’t be long before they would partner up and start creating music.

One half of the duo Mani Shimmers had a demo of a song he’s written called ‘Wholesome You’, based on an interaction with a friend in a bar in Chicago in 2015, where they referred to Shimmers as “wholesome”.

The track invites the listener to take a look at the ironies of life and points a finger at its failings and contradictions. This message is delivered in a retrospective package, sampling the sounds of the ’70s. Driven forward by a poetic lyricism that is light-hearted and fun you cannot help but enjoy their music.

Listen to ‘Wholesome You’ here:

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