Willow Shields
Willow Shields

London’s least professional music photographer and journalist, can be found most evenings in your local small venue drinking vodka lemonades and being told secrets.

Last month, NYC based producer emawk released his first tunes of 2021: ‘HIGHROAD’ accompanied by b-side ‘BEADS’ two mesmerising RnB tracks marking the beginning of his journey through an ambitious audio-visual project that will see him releasing new music with corresponding videos throughout the year. The video of ‘HIGHROAD’ is a look at New York City through emawks eyes, the video is completely self-shot, directed and choreographed. 

Watch the video for ‘HIGHROAD‘ here:


HIGHROAD’ and ‘BEADS’ marks a new approach for emawk, one where he can let go and let the creativity flow. He says “My favourite thing about both ‘highroad’ and ‘beads’ is that neither one of them started off with me overthinking, and neither one of them was about spending forever looking for the right words”. HIGHROAD’ is an ode to people who judge him, and others, too quickly. It’s a totally absorbing ballad that deserves uninterrupted listening. Most of the time I refrain from using the term ‘vibe’ in case it sounds unprofessional but truly, these tracks are two that you just need to sit back and vibe to. emawk says “While I’m proud of the lyrics and the time I took to write them, it was one of the few times where writing was mostly about the vibe, as cheesy as that might sound. NY producer Zach Ezzy sent me the instrumental for ‘Highroad’ and I just vibed with it. I made the instrumental for ‘beads’ and just vibed with it. Hopefully, that comes across and hopefully whoever listens can vibe with it as well.”

Listen to ‘HIGHROAD’ and ‘BEADS:

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