I want my birthday party in a building site wrapped in hazard tape. Any field-recording addict knows those places are the flashy, badly-behaved Las Vegas of the sound world, so the metallic rattle of a crane at the start of The Theory For Our Revenge’s debut single ‘OBORO‘ got me reaching for balloons and confetti. 

By Laura Turnbull

The duo from Japan are turning their attention from fashion and visual arts towards this new, collaborative music project. Still, it’s easy to imagine OBORO soundtracking a strobey, poker-faced catwalk show. The creepy industrial sound effects get a little bit out-synthed, but if you like your music squealing like a hospital trolley down a dimly-lit corridor (the horror film fan in me is cheering), OBORO is for you. And the lyrics are just as spooky. “The moment I touch you, I get cold from my fingertips”. Not music for cuddling.    

Listen to ‘The Theory For Our Revenge’ here:


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