By Tom Tozer

Ocean Alley are producing such a feel-good, flowy beautiful sound, with a strong standalone vocal coming from the cool Baden Donegal which brings this band’s specific tune all together wonderfully. Their latest release ‘Tombstone’ brings the recent bushfires and environmental issues within Australia to light. A scary reality that many of the Australian natives are having to deal with. As we know, these environmental issues aren’t just in Australia but the entirety of the world. It’s clear as a band they are passionate about the climate issues we face as a world today.

The relaxed nature of Ocean Alley brings joy and happiness with an uncontrollable jig in your shoulders as soon as the tune kicks in! However, the lyrics within the songs of this band are emotional too, touching on feelings and thoughts on relationships. I’m sure most of us can relate too and enjoy hearing sung by such a melodic voice. When a band of this aesthetic and vibe about them can talk about real-world issues and feelings while putting a one of a kind beat to it, it’s hard not to enjoy.

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