By Kieran Webber

OH BROTHER return with crunchy, riff driven single ‘Running Out’. It’s a slacker rock track that is elevated by chilled vocals and a barrage of guitars. There is a fusion of the best parts of rock n roll that bounce off one another throughout the track.

The single explores a more guitar driven sound from the London based band. In part due to them working with producer Ian Davenport who has worked with the likes of Demob Happy and Band Of Skulls.

Speaking on the single Jake Leslau said “I (Brother Jake) was once sorely let down by a group of people who, simply put, I felt had done me dirty. This song takes you on a musical adventure through my, at the time, very angry brain. Starting peacefully as we meander along a trail of thought and reflection before it takes you to its final destination – a not so tranquil, rage-fuelled, cathartic rock and roll tirade”.

The video that accompanies the the single invites the listener into a karaoke experience. Offering a much needed escape during the Covid-19 crisis.

Listen/watch/sing along here:

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