By AJ Salisbury

‘Ticket’ by Okay Champ is a dark, driven and industrial track. It opens with the wail of fuzzed out guitars quickly cut in two with some really crunchy chords laid over the top.

When the staccato ‘one, two’ drums and bass kick in the full body of this track is revealed. Vocals switch from spat out and attitude laced to floaty and ethereal during the chorus, adding to the surreal ‘split-personality’ sound of the track.

There’s a very big sound contained in this single, released off their new album ‘Dead About Thinking’, there’s hints of both Queens of the Stone Age and TAD in here, It’s heavy, it’s grungy and has a slight psychedelic edge to it, fans of either of these band will be well at home in Okay Champ’s world.

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