By Kieran Webber

Velvet Starlings may be one of the most exciting artists to emerge in L.A since the rise of Ty Segall, who he shares similarities. The band fronted by the 17 year old Christian Gisborne, a multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Their music is a dizzying array of new and old, fused together to create one delightful product. Throughout their music you hear the influences of The Doors, The Kinks, Jack White, White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys. It’s a wonderfully blended sound that is wildly infectious.

Recently Velvet Starlings shared their new single ‘Karmic Lemonade’, a dynamic sounding release. Doors-esque organs pulse whilst powerful vocals burst through. All the whole crunching riffs come raining down like cannonade fire.

It’s an extremely confident release from a young artist. If this quality and drive continues Velvet Starlings are going to take the rock n roll world by storm.

Listen to ‘Karmic Lemonade’ here:

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