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Cluny Powell

Hailing from Oxford, now based in Bristol – I can often be found at the back of a gig observing the magic of rock.

Although it has only been eight months since Dot To Dot Festival took over some of the best music venues it Bristol, it is back again. The lineup never fails to disappoint, but this year they have truly outdone themselves, injecting a number of brilliant local bands mixed in with some of our indie favourites. We hope to be able to see as many of them as we can on Saturday, we may need our running shoes. Here are a few we don’t want to miss.


Coming together whilst at University in Brighton in 2015, Squid have incorporated their love of ambient and jazz with the propulsive sounds of 1970s Germany in their debut album ‘Bright Green Field’, released in May of 2021. They have definitely earned their spot as headliners of this festival.

Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

Brighton’s Rap and production duo Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn are headlining the infamous venue on a boat; Thekla. After releasing their debut studio album ‘Breathing Exercises’ in early 2020 they’ve had features from the likes of Loyle Carner, Joel Baker and Ocean Wisdom. They’ll be the perfect close off to the day full of sweaty mosh pits.

Swim Deep

Swim Deep last played Dot To Dot in 2019, and are back on the O2 Academy stage this Saturday. The harsh reality infused with their supply of positivity will create a perfect atmosphere for the rest of the festival.

Alfie Templeman

After discovering British singer/songwriter Alfie Templeman a few months before Truck Festival 2018, he has grown massively, releasing five EPs and is set to release his debut album this year. His youthful sincerity will be showcased before Baby Queen on the O2 Academy stage.

Lime Garden

Lime Garden is made up of four friends, jumping over genre boundaries to create a sound that is uplifting yet laid-back. Their catchy melodies sprinkled with dry-wit make them essential viewing at The Louisiana, an intimate venue for such a fast growing band.

Getdown Services

Energetic duo Getdown Services promise a good time *not* a bad time. Only emerging on the Bristol scene in the past year or so, they have made a name for themselves and are a great addition to the Dot To Dot lineup, they will make you laugh (not cry) and will get you dancing along with them.


Echoing and building upon the crunchy, highly dynamic post-rock sounds of the late ’90s and early ’00s, HAAL is a project where the trip hop, industrial and electronica music of the same era culminates. This is fed within samples, DIY pedals, and synths to create motorik rhythm, hypnotic riffs with sudden explosions of noise and power. HAAL will be gracing us with their presence in the early evening at The Lanes. 

Try Me

Try Me are a disco-punk duo, exploding onto the Bristol scene with a contagious chemistry that has got the whole city grooving. The pair is formed of Hector Boogieman and Bendy Wendy – two free-spirits who indulge in a flamboyant silliness that infects your ears and your body. Their mischievous personalities combined with driving 90’s beats radiate an upbeat energy. 

Saloon Dion

Formed in May last year from the remnants of some of Bristol’s most well-loved post-punk and surf-rock outfits. Saloon Dion are a self-styled supergroup, who come across more like a gang of supervillains, they have already made a name for themselves with their increasingly eclectic live shows that mix up their synth-rock and punk-funk influences. Off the back of their newest single ‘Pressure’ and headlining Exchange Main Room, they have now bagged themselves two separate sets at Bristol’s Dot To Dot.

Tickets for Dot To Dot, Bristol can be purchased here.

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