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Brighton sextet Opus Kink announce sophomore EP, alongside blisteringly brilliant new single ‘Dust’

The past couple of years have seen another new wave of talented post-punk upstarts breaking through, and Brighton six-piece Opus Kink are one of them. Since their first release toward the back end of 2019, the sextet has been attracting attention, much in part to their incredibly unique take on the genre. Following last year’s Til The Stream Runs Dry’Opus Kink have announced their sophomore extended play, ‘My Eyes, Brother!’ set for release on May 19th via Nice Swan Records.

‘Dust’ is the first single released ahead of the EP, introducing the project with utter chaos of an introduction; lo-fi jazz chords burst into a blistering wall of sound, a cacophony of guitars and horns. The Opus Kink universe is frantic and frenetic, the band delivering a carefully curated level of intensity, but never overshadowing the simply brilliant arrangements and instrumentation. ‘Dust’ breaks down into a Bowie-style bridge toward the end of the track, a bizarre contradictory statement to the rest of the track. But in classic Opus Kink fashion, while these decisions may look peculiar on paper, the execution is consistently nailed. 

‘My Eyes, Brother!’  is shaping up to be the band’s best project yet, and a lead single like ‘Dust’ is certainly a gauntlet thrown into the post-punk scene. 

Watch/listen to ‘Dust’ here: