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Leopallooza returns in true glorious form this year and as always the line-up is FIRE. Here are our ones to watch at our favourite house party in a field!


The London indie pop outfit Metronomy returned this year with their soaring new album ‘Small World’, a career defining release. As always with their music it tackled a variety of deeply emotional subjects with the fun and candor they’re known for. It’s thought provoking indie-pop that is equal parts poignent as it is wholly entertaining. If you caught their iconic Glastonbury set then you know you’re in for a real treat with Metronomy, get those dancing shoes on head to the mainstage this Friday.

Sleaford Mods

Forming back in 2007 Sleaford Mods have been on a moral crusade for all that is right. They’re two punk-poets who are constantly highlighting the dire political situations that plague the UK, today and in the past. Since forming they have released a litany of albums that include tracks such as ‘McFlurry’, ‘Tied Up In Notts’ (their breakout single) and more recently ‘Mork & Mindy’. It’s political, fiery, and beautifully tongue in cheek, they are no doubt one of the two greatest poets to exist in similar vein as John Cooper Clarke, but perhaps a little angrier. Watching them perform at Leopallooza is not only going to be a treat but a very rare opportunity, do not miss out on this!

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas has been stunning audiences since her break out album ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’, which debuted back in 2012. Since then Lianne has been nominated for a litany of awards, including a Grammy, she is arguably one of the UK’s most important and talented songwriters to have existed. We caught her back in 2021 at Boardmasters, where she absolutely floored us with her soft, yet commanding vocals and emotive lyricism that is equal parts storytelling and relatable. To be able to watch such an established artist, and one that is as talented as Lianne La Havas in this setting is truly a unique experience. Make sure you head to the mainstage on Sunday, this will be a performance talked about for years to come.

The Big Moon

The Big Moon are a band that are constantly evolving and pushing their own boundaries, it’s an incredibly exciting journey to follow. Their breakout debut album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ saw them catapulted into popularity, and rightfully so. It was an amazing collection of emotively lead indie-rock that delightfully relatable. Their following album ‘Walking Like We Do’ saw them further explore their sound, bringing in their experiences with mental health and surviving the pandemic. Now, the band are gearing up for album three which tackles motherhood and all the emotion, struggle and joy that comes with such a life changing moment. Their latest single ‘Wide Eyes’ boasts the bands movement into new territory yet still remaining instantly recognisable. Watching this band perform is always a real treat and there is no doubt they’ll be putting on an unforgettable show at Leopallooza.

The Mysterines

A lot of people throw the phrase around “Rock music is dead”, which whilst a band like The Mysterines exists is a ridiculous thing to say. It is safe to say that The Mysterines are one of the UK’s most exciting rock outfits and they’re on a real conquerors path at the moment. They’ve been playing up and down the country, released their latest album ‘Reeling’, and opened for bands such as Primal Scream and Bloc Party. The band are young, hungry, and most importantly are keeping the rock n roll spirit very much alive. Get ready for powerful vocals, hard hitting percussion and riffs so large you could skate on them. Get ready to have your minds blown by them at leo, they’re going to unforgettable.


Oh FEET, where do we begin to start with one our favs. The North London based band has been taking the indie world by storm for the best part of a few years. Their debut album ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’ put them into the eyes of music fans and critics across the country. Off the back of this success they returned with their ‘Walking Machine’ EP which led to them touring the UK, headlining the infamous Scala, London. If you’re looking for a fix of wonky indie sounds mixed with some wonderfully tongue-in-cheek delivery, then look no further. FEET have you covered.

The Native

The Native first formed when founding members Charlie Noordewier Ben Andrew were in secondary school. Since those humble beginnings The Native has become of the UK’s fastest rising indie outfits, and for good reason. The band blend soft indie soundscapes with emotive and eye-watering vocals, it’s hard not to fall into their charm. The Native have mainstage written in their future, catch them here first before they truly blow up.

Kid Kapachi

The post-punk outfit first caught their big break when Frank Carter invited them to play his birthday party, since then they’ve toured with Frank, cascaded on their own headline tour, and released their debut album ‘This Time Next Year’. It’s been an incredibly fast paced journey since their beginning, and one that fits the bands raucous, energetic and politically charged music. If you’re looking to have your face melted, your ear caverns pounded, and your soul recharged then catch Kid Kapachi at Leo.

Opus Kink

The Brighton based band Opus Kink is on the path to greatness and it won’t be long till their headlining mainstages across the world. Their chaotic blend of brass and dirty indie has created something that is alluring yet extremely excting. Imagine if you took Hunter S Thompson on a trip through Glastonbury, the band he’d form at the end would be Opus Kink.

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma‘s story is a crazy one to say the least. The band formed in 2014 and started as a group of friends creating music together online, after a release of an EP they were embraced the blogosphere and even handpicked to tour with Lorde. They achieved all of this before ever even having a proper band practise. Since then the band has been blending indie-pop with heartfelt songwriting and pop star sensibilities, creating something that is fun, bouncy, yet emotionally driven. The band released their latest album at the beginning of 2022 and captured the ears and imaginations of critics and fans all over again and now you’ll get to see them live, in a field, in Cornwall.. what a treat!


The South London band has been turning heads in recent years, gaining notoriety for their politically charged post-punk. They may only be a few singles deep but DEADLETTER are close to being one of the UK’s next big bands. It’s a fusion of old and new, similar to the likes of Fontaines DC and IDLES. Be sure to get your fix of poignent post-punk with these young guns at Leopallooza, they’re not to be missed.


Photo credit: Kieran Webber

Friends of CLUNK and all round rock n roll extravaganzas Murman are making their Leopallooza deput on the Friday at the Mono stage. The London/Brighton based band carry a sound that is frantic, fun, and truly wild, they’re not to be missed at their debut Leopallooza show. We’ve had them play in Cornwall before and they tore the roof off the Cornish Bank, do not sleep on Murman. We have no doubt they’re going to go down in Leo history, be sure you’re there to witness it.