By Kieran Webber

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Berlin fuzzed out post-punk rockers have come out swinging with ‘Deuce Ex Machina’, which follows on from the critically acclaimed ‘Chlorine’.

The latest release is another barrage of visceral post-punk that is unrelenting in pace. It’s an energetic and explosive album that is daringly infectious.

‘Deuce Ex Machina’ kicks off with ‘Machina’, a rollercoaster of a track that shifts tempo multiple times. A slow building riff culminates into a sledgehammer of a hook that is bewilderingly catchy.

Following this is ‘Ibuprofen’ a slightly more melodic product that highlights the impressive vocals and thumping percussion. The theme is a contemplative one and sees the band question drug use, particularly over the counter painkillers.

Listen to ‘legal Tender’ here:

The two openers really set the tone of the album, expect a fast paced post-punk/grunge kick to the stomach that is unrelenting. Other standouts such as ‘Legal Tender’, ‘Fugative (Another Song About Running Away)’ and ‘Hell’ all boast the best elements of Pabst. Their simple, yet catchy music carries a serious undertone that delves into mental health, gentrification, drug abuse and contemplating one’s existence. It’s a retrospective grunge sound tailored for a modern generation.

Although the album has forgettable moments it’s still a solid album from Pabst. It demands to be heard but more importantly is an enjoyable listen.

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