Photo credit: Arkady Vyrlan

Pale Moon is the pairing of Iceland’s Árni and Siberias Nata, together they fuse a wonderful sound that transcends through psychedelia to dreamy indie pop soundscapes. Since coming together and forming Pale Moon the duo have released a variety if singles and an EP, but all of this is building towards their forthcoming LP, out later this year.

More recently the band have shared the single ‘Strange Days’, a wonderfully mellow track that boasts their dreamscape indie sound. Musically there are similarities to Mac Demarco whilst vocally it’s wonderfully remiscent of Fleetwood Mac‘s Stevie Nicks. It’s a delightful pairing of sounds that makes Pale Moon‘s music overwhelmingly easy on the ears.

‘Strange Days’ opens with a jangly guitar that opens leads to an opening where the bass and percussion sweep through, almost lifting the listener off their feet. Nata’s vocals breeze through adding yet another layer of relaxed melodies, it’s a truly alluring experience.

It’s yet another release in the back catalogue of this fledgling band that boasts their ability to craft music that is as delightful as it is easy to listen to. If ‘Strange Days’ does one thing, it certianly gets you excited for a full LP.

Listen/watch ‘Strange Days’ here:

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