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Exeter based indie-pop outfit Pattern Pusher brought the good vibes at their recent sold-out Falmouth show

It was another Friday night in the bustling town of Falmouth, the autumn air was crisp yet the revelry spirits were palpable. It didn’t take long for the Underland halls to fill up, just in time for the first act of the night, Will Eason.

Will and his merry band of musicians took to the stage and provided a wave of jam-infused sounds, daring to genre blend in a way that was daringly infectious. Across his set we were treated to a bouquet of funk, indie, jazz, pop, R&B and much more, all bundled beautifully together. It was hard not to get wrapped up in what was on offer, not to mention how amazing it was watching multiple musicians clearly at their peak jamming out. It was masterful stuff.

With the crowd well and truly hitting its peak (there was almost no room to get to the bar) Pattern Pusher came to stage, a roar of hollars and shouts arrived at their footsteps and the band took no time in rewarding the audience with a bout of indie-pop gems. The band played a variety of old tracks, such as ‘Happy Place’ and ‘Holding On’, and treated to the crowd to some unreleased numbers.

It was a rip-roaring night that saw the Underland become splattered in good vibes and fun times, it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Let’s do this again soon?

Check out the full gallery of the night here:

Aoife Hyland
Aoife Hyland

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