People Of The Sea | Interview | Ceri

Interview and Portrait by Luke Dimech 

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Name: Ceri

From: Wales, New Quay (Not Newquay Cornwall)

Occupation: Web Designer/Promotions

Age: 33

On meeting Ceri (pronounced Kerry) I could instantly see how passionate he was about surfing. He started at age 13, surfing a local break in Wales which by the sounds of things was a perfect place to be. He told me that even though he was in love with surfing he ended up moving in land at the age of 17 and that stopped him for a few years till he eventually lived out his dream to move to Newquay, Cornwall and have the ability to surf every day.

He is a body boarder at heart and although would consider himself a good stand up surfer you could never take him away from the versatility of a bodyboard. “The ability to lie down, kneel and stand on a body board makes it so much fun”.

As a self employed web designer, he finds that he can hold a good balance between working and surfing and will never miss a day of perfect waves as he can work whatever hours suits the swell.

He loves the sea and feels he was born to it. From the moment he could walk his mother used to have to chase him all over the beach because as soon as he saw the ocean he just ran towards it.

A confidence I wish I had, but hearing some of the hairy situations he has been in over a coffee after surfing I’d have to say that this was more fish than man.  Honestly I believe that should a tsunami ever hit Fistral or a band of hungry sharks decided to hang out there he would still be in the sea with a smile on his face.

Best Moment: A 720 drop knee floater – This is the sort of stuff you barely even see in bodyboarding movies and although he isn’t sure he could ever do it again you could see the excitement of reliving that moment.

Scariest Moment: Getting trapped in a harbour with double overhead waves crashing all around him. “The hardest part was not panicking in that situation and having patience” The guy had to just float around for an hour in heavy conditions just waiting for the tide to go out a bit till it was safer to get back on shore.

His advice to anyone wanting to surf is do it for the love of being in the sea and the feeling of surfing. There are too many people who want to do it because it’s fashionable these days and they will never really understand what surfing is about.

Even on a day of crappy waves and popping some ibuprofen before venturing out, he returned with positive vibes and a smiley face.

Thanks for the interview Ceri and hope to see you around sometime soon.

Ceri is also an avid photographer with some great work! If you wanna check out his shots check out