People Of The Sea | Interview | Kat

Interview and Portrait by Chris Smith


Name: Kat
From: Cornwall

Age: 32

Kat grew up in Cornwall and has been in the water since she was a child, where she went body boarding throughout the county. At the age of sixteen however she lost confidence when she was caught up and dragged out in a rip tide at Maenporth – it took time before she felt comfortable again to get back in the water – now she always feels in control but respects the power of the ocean.

During her late teens she did a great deal of travelling, even moving to Mexico for three years for the surfing. She says that the move to Mexico not only helped get more proficient and comfortable in foreign waves, but also was a massive lifestyle change and helped her to embrace a healthier lifestyle and she’s now been surfing for about five years.

Best Moment: Her favourite breaks have been mainly in Mexico, as they often involve sunset surfs with pelicans flying overhead, but Lakey Peak, Indonesia is also high up the list. Her very favourite spot in Mexico, however she is, and I quote, ‘unable to disclose’.

Scariest Moment: Indonesia holds memories of an incident involving a freak set. She’d been sitting out for three days waiting for the waves to reduce in size and on the fourth decided to go in, Kat says that on that day this freak set held her under for four or so waves.

Kat’s advice to those wanting to start surfing is:

‘Stick at it. The only way to learn is to surf but it takes dedication and determination.’

Kat is currently planning trips to Morocco and Indonesia.

Thank you for the interview Kat and we hope to see you out on the water soon!