People Of The Sea | Interview | Ollie

Interview and Images by Luke Dimech (Portrait) & Chris Smith 
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Name: Ollie

Occupation: School

Age: 13

It was only Ollie’s second time surfing when I spoke to him and his parents. They were on a trip to St Ives to see family. Ollie’s previous experience was in Cornwall having a surfing lesson with his dad but he can’t remember exactly where it was.

“Basically I like surfing because I like the taste of sea water. Also standing up for the first time was amazing! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it again!”

Ollie also has had a few goes at bodyboarding and also enjoys that. “It’s so much more fun than sitting at home doing nothing or being in front of the computer, although it does depend on which computer game I’m playing”.

He is from Bournemouth and would probably surf a lot more if there was more surf there but the reef they built is rubbish. He will however be coming back to Cornwall again in the future and will without a doubt get back in the sea but hopefully with a warmer wetsuit as it gets very cold.

Favorite moment: The first time he stood up on the board.
Scariest moment: He was trying to bodyboard in Bournemouth after a storm and the waves were too big for him and he got tipped over and was under water for a long time.

He would recommend surfing to all his friends because its super fun!

Thank you Ollie and keep surfing little bro!