Words By Kieran Webber | Header Image By Annie Rose Harvey

Australia has been harbouring a massive variety of talent in recent years. Bands such as Tame Impala, The Babe Rainbow, The Chats (to name a few) have all come belting out of the country. Now joining them is Peter Bibby’s Dog Act. Like The Chats their is a strange mix of pride and damnation towards Australia felt through their music.

Latest single ‘Whyalla’ encompasses this fully. It’s a tongue-in-cheek release that pokes fun whilst simultaneously highlights the simple treasures of Australia. Whether that be hammer throwing or setting world records in pinball. This message is delivered in a chaotic garage/grunge rock bundle. Lead by swirling guitars and gruff vocals. At its core it’s extremely fun music that can be enjoyed with a simultaneous headbang and a smile.

Listen/watch ‘Whyalla’ here:

Directed and produced by Brendan Hutchens

Whyalla’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Marge’, available September 18th via Spinning Top Records.

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