Physical Copies and Digital Print

CLUNK Magazine has been growing for nearly two years now, using the internet as it’s launching pad and platform to bring you fantastic music, quality content and beautiful images. However, the dream has always been to go to print, we want to create a physical product that you can touch, feel and hold. After much thought and planning we have decided to take a ‘Zine’ approach to our print editions, meaning they will be small, accessible and easily digestible.

“we want to create a physical product that you can touch, feel and hold”

We will be releasing two types of zines throughout the year one will be a CLUNK Magazine Full Edition which will be the most comprehensive and full booklet that will include a wide range of content, similar to the website. The other will be a ‘photobook’ series that will be a purely visual booklet that will boast our photographers ability to capture the moment. The one that will come first and the one we have been working on already is Volume 1 of of our ‘Photobook’ Series which is digitally available now!

Like anything physical this will take time, the initial plan was to head to print for February but it is looking likely that we will be pushing that back to May.


In the meantime browse our first volume of our ‘Photobook’ series here: